Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hereford Planning refusal

Unfortunately, the Hereford southern sub committee voted to refuse planning consent for the proposed new buildings for the Hereford Steiner Acadamy on the same grounds as last time - issues around the development not being in keeping with the village setting and traffic/parking issues. An appeal on the first refusal in January has already been lodged.

Birmingham Post Article

The online version of the Birmingham Post has published the following article.

School where learning is child's play
Jun 18 2007
By Shahid Naqvi, Education Correspondent

"It's been dubbed the "the hippy school", a place where it is said children, not teachers, are in charge and spend all day playing. But the Steiner School in Stourbridge may yet offer a solution to current travails in the state education - and even society".

Read the article HERE



The concert series is to raise money for the further restoration of St Paul’s Church by the St Pauls Steiner Project which is bringing this heritage building back into use as a life-long learning centre for all the community.

The Steiner school which it houses is in the process of making application for public funding and could be the first such state funded school in London, operating as a local school for the children of Islington.

For more information about the school and its application for public funding, contact
Jane Gerhard on 020 7359 3322
or email