Monday, September 08, 2008

Hereford Steiner Academy receives European Funding

It was announced today that Hereford Steiner Academy has been successful in a bid for EU funding. The funding will allow the school to take part in a two-year project to explore the design of new qualifications pathways. The project could lead to opportunities for students in further learning and employment, as well as leading to the accreditation of the Steiner curriculum in Europe.

The Hereford Steiner Academy, due to open on 1st September 2008, is one of a group of 12 Steiner schools across 8 European countries – Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Norway, Slovenia – to secure EU funding under the Comenius-School-Partnership-Programme. This project was initiated by the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education together with the Potsdam Waldorf School and the bid for funding was written by ECSWE and Potsdam Waldorf School on behalf of the partners.

The Principal of the new Academy, Trevor Mepham, was delighted with the announcement. He said:-

"This funding has potential significance for pupils and staff as the school begins life as an Academy. Being part of the School Partnership Programme provides us with an opportunity to work with colleagues and partners in European education to ensure that the learning and achievements of our students are recognised across European boundaries. This could lead to new employment opportunities for students as well as business links for the school. We are one of two Steiner schools in the UK to be selected for this project which brings a European initiative in education into the county of Herefordshire."

The first programme meeting takes place in September, in Potsdam, Germany. At the end of the 2-year project, all project partners will gather in Hereford for one of the final project meetings at the Steiner Academy in Much Dewchurch.

There are currently 30 schools teaching Steiner education in the UK and Steiner schools are part of mainstream state-funded education in the majority of European countries. Founded in 1919, Steiner curriculum emphasizes social, emotional, practical and academic learning. Steiner schools welcome pupils from all faiths and backgrounds.